Folding The Football

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     Hey! I need a paper football, where can I buy one of those things?
You can't buy them. And even if you could, you can bet they'd be a lot cheaper than something like my Dad's Oakland Raiders tickets that he got from his buddies in Oakland. Since you can't buy one, here is how you make one.

      1.)Get a piece of paper, fold in in half longways (so you should have one long skinny half)
      2.)Cut or tear along the seam.
      3.)Holding the paper vertical (tallways) fold the corner down into a triangle. That should form a triangle.
      4.)Continue to fold down makeing the trianges until you run out of paper to fold
      5.)Tuck what ever excess paper into the "pocket" on the top of the ball. Congratulations, you now have a paper football.